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Robert André: Documentary Film

Vanalyne Green: Video

Mark O'Connell : Digital Video

Kathy Rose: Film/Dance

O.W. Tuthill: Film/Music


Kathy Rose: Excerpts from Life in the Web. 2007


Visual/Performance Art

Dori Atlantis: Visual Art

Judy Baca: Muralist/Educator

Richard Bruland: Painting

Larry Clay: Photography

Guillermo Gomez-Peña: Performance/Writing

Tom Knechtel:  Painting

Suzanne Lacy: Performance/Installation Art

Jean Lowe: Visual Art

Sean McMullen: Photography

John K Melvin: Installation/Conceptual Art

Graciela Ovejero: Mixed Media

Aviva Rahmani: Environmental Art

Julien Remy: Graphisme, peinture, sculpture, vidéo.

Lynn Schuette: Painting

Nancy Yodelman:  Mixed Media/Sculpture

Sushi Performance and Visual Art Space: San Diego, California



Carmen Borgia: It's Love, Boys


Carmen Borgia: Music/Film

Diamanda Galas: Performance/Composition

Drew Lesso: Composition/Performance

See Chain Reaction 1 for collaboration of Drew Lesso with Stanley Fried

Michel Redolfi: Composition

Chessley Sexton: Music


Diamanda Galas: Gloomy Sunday


Noah Birch: Design/Photography

Gary Swift: Design/Pattern Languages


M.F.K. Fisher:  Essays/Journals/Gastronomy

Carey Lovelace: Art Journalist/Playwright/Curator

Whitman McGowan: Poetry

Deena Metzger: Fiction/Poetry

Rita Williams: Memoirs

Jeff Weinstein: Criticism

Paula Wolfert:  Food/Culture/Cooking


pleasantblue: Photography and The Morning Sip by Michael Goldman

The Espresso: Newspaper

Drawing of Stanley Fried, circa 1981: Roy Williams, Astro-Physicist

Picture Machine: The Rise of American Newspictures: Co-Authored by Ken Johnston

Ronnie and Eddie Productions: Stephen Loch and Stacey Lind

Works of Idries Shah

Works of Tahir Shah




This is a listing of links to websites directly or indirectly related to the writings on this website or work by friends past and present.

In addition, the links below are to news sources or non-profits that provide services Stanley Fried finds of interest and worth supporting:

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge


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