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Afghanistan - 1987

In a place away from here

There is a war

Somewhere there is always a war

In Nicaragua Lebanon Iraq Iran Cambodia South Africa: There is a war

With all the standing armies of the world having so many people trained for warfare their energy must be released from time to time

So there is a war

The military must not be disappointed

The people must not be disappointed

In Afghanistan, there is a war

No one cares about a war in Afghanistan

Someone says: Afghanistan is not our problem

Another says: The Soviet Troops were invited by the duly recognized government

Yet another says: I don't know anything about what's going on there

In Afghanistan, there is a war!

Afghanistan means Land of Afghana

Afghana served as a general under King David of Israel

After helping complete the building of the temple in Jerusalem, Afghana retired with his clan to a place east of a place called Ariana...later known as Kohistan, the land of's Afghanistan.

The descendants of Afghana are known as the Ben-Israili: The sons of Israel, the children of God. They are also known as the Pashtun, the largest tribe of people in Afghanistan.

The Greeks, under Alexander, were the last people to conquer the Afghan people.

The Scythians, the Yueh-Chi and the Turki from Central Asia: the Arabs, the Persians and the Turks from the West: the Mongols from the North: the Moguls from the South and East: the British from Europe: all have tried to conquer and rule Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a land of tribal people who have always acted to defend their land from invaders.

The Greeks, Scythians, Yueh-Chi, Turki, Hindi, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Mongols, Moguls, and British were all defeated by the Afghan people.

For centuries, the Czars of Russia schemed to invade Afghanistan for a route to the Indian Ocean.

The Czars of Russia invaded and conquered Turkestan to the North. They entered the city of Samarkand but were never able to cross the Oxus River into Kohistan.

The Soviets schemed to invade Afghanistan. Stalin's plans for an invasion ended when war broke out in Europe.

In 1979, a Soviet backed military coup established Afghanistan as a free, socialist nation.

In 1979, the socialist government of Afghanistan invited the Soviet Union to send troops to assist against rebellion and dissent.

By 1987, nearly one-million Afghans have fled their homeland to refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran.N

Nearly a million Afghans dead in Afghanistan. 

To pay the cost of Soviet Army assistance, the Soviet Union has been allowed by the Soviet backed government to strip Afghanistan of its resources.

Salt, sulphur, iron, and natural gas are mined and transported to the Soviet Union in payment for their assistance.

The world's largest deposits of lapis-lazui and ruby are being mined and shipped to the Soviet Union then sold on the world market in payment for Soviet military assistance.

The largest collections of archeological antiquities and artifacts from before the time of Alexander through the Mongols, Persians, Arabians, Indians: carpets, coins, weavings, jewelry, pottery, carvings, metal smithing have been shipped to the Soviet Union and sold on the world market to pay for their "assistance" in Afghanistan.

Nearly nine-thousand Soviet troops dead to pay for their "assistance" to Afghanistan.

The stripping of the wealth of Afghanistan is under the jurisdiction of the KGB. The sales of these riches by the Soviets is also conducted by the KGB.

Chemical weapons have been used by the Soviets and Soviet backed troops against civilians in violation of international treaties.

Anti-personnel bombs - scatter bombs - in the shapes of toys and balls-point pens have been strewn throughout the countryside for the sole purpose of maiming and killing young children who are attracted by the bright colors and pretty shapes.

In a place somewhere on the other side of the world, a people are being killed.

In a place away from there, there is a war.

It's not my problem if there's a war in Afghanistan, someone said. Anyway, we had our Vietnam. Now the Russians have theirs.

In a place away from here, there is a war.

In Afghanistan, there is a war.

No one cares about a war in Afghanistan.

When will we be in a war in Afghanistan?

©1987 - Stanley M. Fried


Afghanistan was first performed in 1987 at Sushi Performance Space - Gallery in San Diego, California as part of The Return of the Attack of the Son of Revenge. This was a performance given on his 40th birthday.

It was also included in As Planes Go By.

Afghanistan was performed the Third Movement of Symphony No. 8 by Dimitri Shostakovitch.

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