Stanley M. Fried
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There are times in everyone's life when you just don't make it

You don't get the promotion you expected or you don't make the team

Something happens and you just don't make it

Your expectations are not fullfilled

Like that time you didn't get the part in the play or that other time when they rejected the story you wrote

We all have times when we don't make it

It was the night my father died

My mother and I were waiting in the hospital

A doctor walked into the room where we were

He looked at us then said, I'm sorry but he didn't make it

My mother said, He didn't make what? He didn't make a lot of things in his life. What didn't he make this time?

The doctor repeated, He didn't make it

I asked him, Do you mean he's dead

That's right, he said, he didn't make it

As if death were an obscenity never to be spoken

©1985 - Stanley M. Fried



Dad was first peformed at Sushi Performance Space - Gallery in San Diego, California.

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