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God and Country Queen


Oh, how I love this country…

this place where you are free to be anything you want to be:

Rich or poor…a good guy or a real fucker

it doesn't matter here

If that's what you want to be, that's what you can be

Oh America , I just love you…

just want to revel in the luxury of everything you offer me


Yes, I want you. Yes, I want you…

all over me

on top of me

I want you inside of me

I want your your big Statue of Liberty torch up inside my ass fucking me hard

the way you taught me to like it.

Yes! I want it!

Yes yes yes yes YES!

I want you giving me that Freedom of Assembly.

Yes! I want your Freedom of Speech.

Yes, yes. Oh God, Yes! I want your Freedom of Religion shoved up my asshole and down my throat so hard I can't breathe anymore.


God! You make it good for me!

God! I love this land


I love it…

Loving what I want to love when I want to love it!

Loving what you give to me all the time!

I love it…this American way…

and you have taught me how to love it right


Mmm, yes! You make it good!

Mmm, yes! I buy it every time.

Oh, yes! You do it just the way I like it…

The way you made me learn to like it


And you let me do it with God if I want.

And you let me do it without God if that's what I want.

And you let me say it if I want or if I don't

You gave me this

And this is my right…

right here.

You gave me my right to do whatever the hell I want with my life

and I'm going to do every god damned thing I can do before I die

just because you let me do it.

And you do it so good!


Oooh Yes!

Give me that torch!

Yes…yes…the way I want it!

All wrapped up in a flag for you to cum in.

Jesus! Yes! You're the one.

Jesus! God, you're good!

Don't stop.

Don't stop until you've had me up my ass with all the Bill of Rights fucking me hard in my asshole

over and over

until I'm raw from what you have done to me.


Oooh, God damn it…use me!

Again and again…use me!



I'm a good American!

Shit Jesus!

I am so damned good.


That's the one I want

Yes! Give me that one now.

Oh, yes! Your Freedom of Religion.

God! Give it to me now.

You've got the one I want.

You've got the one.

Oh, yes!

Not to have to take what someone else is giving me.

I only want yours!

Yes, I want the freedom to find out what's really there.

Give me your God.

Give me your God.

Give me your God all over me!

Spread it thick all over me.

With your television bible men selling God all over me!

With their fear of Hell pumping in and out of me.

Shoving my head down

onto your Jesus

onto your Allah

onto your Adonai.

All over every part of me and inside every part of me!


This is what you promised

and nobody's going to take it…

Nobody's going to take it away

What I've been promised in your Bill of Rights.

Nobody's going to take

what I've been guaranteed.

You gave it to me and now it's mine to do whatever the fuck I want to do with it just because it is mine.


Oh, God! You taught me good.

Yes, yes.

You taught me real good.

And I'm going to make this whole country into my church

where the President is God

and his Cabinet are angels

and the Congress the apostles.

That's what I'm going to do.

And all the saints of America are worshipped on its money

so every time I buy something it becomes a holy act.

And I will worship you in the shopping malls.

And I will worship you with my taxes.

And I will buy missiles to protect you

And buy votes to protect you

From that evil always lurking outside of our shores

And when you tell me what you want from the pulpit,

that's what I'm going to give you.

Because you have given me more than I ever wanted.

You have given me more than I could take.

You shoved it down my throat so far that I couldn't stop gagging on it.

You pushed my face in it so hard that I could not catch my breath.

But it's my gagging

and I love it when you do that.

And no one has the right to tell me that it's not what I can do.

You got all my rights written down on your bill of fare

and the truth doesn't matter as long as you keep giving me what you have taught me to love


O, yes I love this country.


Yes, yes! I love you!

Oh, yes you do it right.

Yes. Yes!

You do it like you taught me…right.

Yes. You taught me right.

You taught me right up my asshole

and you taught me to like it that way.

And you taught me to love you that way.

And, yes, how I love you.


I am such a good American.

Christ-fuck! How I love you.

God damn it. You are good.

Fucking holy mother of mothers!

You are good when you fuck me up my asshole

shouting out to Allah

shouting out to Christ Jesus

shouting out to…

God I love America .

©1987 - Stanley M. Fried



God and Country Queen was first performed at Sushi Performance Space - Gallery in San Diego, California as part of a group performance in response to an announcement of budget restrictions placed on the National Endowment for the Arts. It was dedicated to Jesse Helms.

God and Country Queen was performed to the section Industiral Expansion in the Mississippi Valley from Virgil Thomson's suite from the score to the film The River. Click on the music player below to listen. The reading began at the point the trumpet starts to play A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.

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Philharmonia Virtuosa
Richard Knapp conductor
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