Stanley M. Fried
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Here We Are


Here we are . . . You and I

In this place together

In this time of despair

Under a sky where planes go by

Where life goes by

Together . . . we move from place to a place

In time

From where we have been

To where we will be

From what we have known

To what we will encounter

If there should be joy . . . it would be from what we have done

If there should be sorrow . . . it would be from what we have done

It is my heart that sings when you are near

It is my life that suffers when I am far from you

©1992 - Stanley M. Fried


Here We Are was performed as the closing piece in As Time Goes By. Performances were at the St. Celcia Theatre in San Diego, California. Here We Are was performed to the closing bars of the Shostakovitch Symphony No. 15.
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