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From 1983 to 1994, Stanley M Fried performed his writings at a number of venues in San Diego, California. The first of these performances took place to fund paying rent and other bills. A private performance for an invitational audience was sponsored in a Los Angeles home in 1984. Most performances took place at Sushi Gallery and Performance Space in downtown San Diego. Other San Diego venues included San Diego Repertory Theatre, Wiki-Up Cafe, and St. Cecilia’s Theatre. Stanley Fried was also a contributing writer to The Espresso, a newspaper in San Diego.

Much of his writing has been lost. This website presents the existing works of Stanley Fried.

Performance readings versus reading by sight
Most of the works presented here were written to be read aloud in performance. There is a difference in time and focus when watching someone perform which is lost on this website.

Works with music
Stanley Fried began using music as background to his readings in 1986. The works were never written to the music used in performance. After completing a piece, he would search for music to punctuate or emphasize the work he wrote. At times, there was subtext to the music such as a composer’s dedication to a symphony. Such references were never placed in program notes or commented on in performance. Links to hear this music are provided where possible.

Stanley Fried